Why Blocks and Manuals

the Fit Block, was created out of a need.

The products and services offered on this website are for sewn product industry professionals. It is our intention to provide professionals with the products that will shorten the time needed to develop their styles into well fitting garments.

We do this using Blocks

The building "Blocks" of garments are basic silhouettes. They provide an established fit from which to develop a style. We found that by providing well fitting blocks, a company could save time in the development process. These basic blocks are intentionally made without seam allowance

We are starting with T shirts and jeans. Why? Because we have had to build a basic T Shirt for so many companies. Many companies that want their own version of a T shirt and their own version of a jean.

Designers can start with this basic block and add style lines and details, or use it as is to create a unique product with their fabric and graphic choices. We use standard sizing. We developed this standard based on the norm for the industry using many popular brands for reference. We offer these well fitting blocks as downloadable or printed patterns.

We are starting with basic categories in sample sizes. This will be men's and women's in 2 fit silhouettes: Slim and Regular. We will be adding other size categories, like Kids, Plus and Talls.

We invite collaboration.  We invite others to submit well fitting blocks for consideration and compensation. This way we can stay up to date in our offerings for the continually changing silhouettes of the apparel industry. Send us a message regarding your interest.

Measurement Manuals

The measurement manuals can be used for development and production. The ways to measure can vary by company and by individual. To get a consistent measurement and fit, the way to measure needs to be defined. We have prepared these as a basis for measuring. Use them as is or use them as reference for creating a custom manual.