Shipping & Returns

NOTE: We sell to sewn product industry professionals. The products provided on this site are designed for use by professionals in the sewn product industries. 

The home sewing industry is well served and we do not intend to compete in that industry or to supply to that market. We are happy to answer any questions of a professional nature that refer to our products from sewn product professionals in the fields of apparel, accessories and home furnishings.  

Return Policy

There are no returns on digital or printed files. Patterns are guaranteed to fit together and to match the measurement specification provided.

In the event you find that any patterns do not fit together, or that the pattern doesn't match the measurement specification, we will replace that file(s) with a corrected version within 30 days of notification to us. For replacement of printed patterns, we will cover the cost of shipping. 

We will review the request, check the documents and determine if there is a correction necessary. If so, we'll notify you via e-mail of the replacement to be made. 


Currently we sell only downloadable files. In the event you need a printed copy, you can make a special request. The additional cost is $10 per pattern +$5. shipping USD. Once you have placed your order online, advise us by email that you need a printed copy. We will send you a link to purchase the print out and once paid, it will ship in 3 days by USPS to domestic locations only.

When you place an order, we will ship within 3 days. We use USPS priority shipping as our sole delivery method for United States destinations.