How To Use Our Products

 The zip download files for Blocks and Patterns include the following:

  • Measurement page with sketch of back and front

  • Digital pattern as .sty. Made from PAD software version 5

  • Digital pattern as aama.dxf for converting to other pattern making software

  • Digital pattern as astm.dxf for converting to other pattern making software

  • An aama or astm .rul file to be used with the associated file

  • Piece list of all pattern pieces included in your file


*Consult your software manual on which type of dxf to use and how best to import and convert it to your system. dxf usually converts to Gerber, Optitex, Lectra and Tukatech. Older systems may need a converter. You can find a service to have it converted to your system. Research a service provider based on your system.

The zip file was made on a mac. PC users can use winzip, 7zip and winrar to unzip the compressed files. Later versions of Windows have a built in unzip capability.


NOTE: All patterns are without seam allowance


The Measurement Manuals are pdf files that can be downloaded one time and are copyrighted and password protected.

Please email us for the password to download your file after purchase. We cannot provide the password with your link to the download. We apologize for this extra step.